W  e all have a ‘Nancy’

It’s the  incessant chatter coming from somewhere inside us, that isn’t always kind or helpful, but perseveres nonetheless.

I’m talking about your mind and I named mine Nancy (Negative Nancy). I’ve learnt to think of her as my roommate because she shares my inner domain and runs a verbal dialogue of diarrhoea in my head everyday. She judges everyone and everything I come into contact with, offers unsolicited advice – nice and not so nice – and loves to conjure up fabricated ‘stories’ to tell me in her spare time.

Nance got so neurotic for a while there that I went and complained about her to a mindfulness Coach and ordered a time out. Turns out this Coach had the exact same problem as me and told me how to placate her and not take everything she says so seriously.

I now share our love/hate relationship here for anyone else who knows just how REAL the STRUGGLE is. Hopefully you’ll learn to befriend her (or him) like I have, so you can get back to being as happy as a seagull carrying a chip!

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