How to go on ‘dates’ with yourself (& actually like it)

I’ve always had a complex about going to cafes/restaurants by myself. The thought of sitting there all alone made me feel all panicky and sick.  


I think it was a mixture of not wanting to be deal with awkward small talk conversations with strangers (classic introvert trait) and anxiety over what people would think of me sitting there alone eating. This was a problem that took up a lot of my brain space (and probably caused my hair to prematurely fall out) for years.

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7 remedies to relax when you’re being a panicky little rabbit

A friend recently called me in a total tizz, on public transport, teary over something she’d seen on social media. She was beside herself and didn’t know how to pull it together before the whole entire train carriage thought she was having a mental breakdown – when in reality, she’d just come across a photo on Instagram that left her feeling like she wanted to fling her iphone out the window. I told her – ‘been there done that babe. Let’s not go flinging things around the train carriage like an overtired two year old.’

I’ll let you in on a little secret. You need to know about the ‘90 second rule’ that relates to your emotions. Its kind of a big deal.

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