On Thursday I got my first ‘hater’

On Thursday I got my first hater. Several in fact, and while my initial reaction was to lean back from my computer screen and laugh (from pure shock of brutality of haters comments) I did, soon after, fall victim to my wounded inner child and spent more time – than was practical – whimpering and questioning my ability.


What did I do to deserve this sudden outburst of disapproval, you ask?


Oh nothing, just my job, writing an article for publication on YFH. It was about maniac uber drivers in LA – and people didn’t hesitate to let me know that they thought it was utter shit.


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It’s all in your head mate

Want to know why some days you’re stepping in dog poo, burning your toast and getting verbally abused at work?


I was sitting under a tree on my lunch break a little while ago when a little man wandered over and shyly said ‘Hi’.


He said: “How’s your karma?”


WEIRD question to ask….


I was scared at this point. Like maybe he was some kind of spiritual magic man who was going to call me out for all the dickhead things I’ve done I the past – and punish me

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I’m sorry, am I boring you?

Many people don’t actually listen to you when you’re talking.


Have you noticed?


Their eyes may dart all around you, looking at everything and everyone BEHIND you, but rarely focusing on your face

Or they may have positioned their phone on the table in front of them and periodically glance down, breaking eye contact with you and making you feel like — you’re not listening to me you bloody bitch, Susan

Or maybe they look like they’re paying attention & you THINK they’re listening, but you notice they rarely make any useful / appropriate comments about what you’re saying — meaning they’re actually all up in their head…


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Birthday post – unsolicited advice from a 25-year-old

It was my birthday on the 10th November. Yes, 25 years ago I ripped the shit out of my mothers private parts in my quick and brutal arrival into this world.

The Achelles family rejoiced and up I grew, as my older brother’s try-hard little side kick.

This year has been special to me, 2016 – you beauty. I will unashamedly confess that its taken me this long to understand the ebs and flow of life, my alter ego Nance, and to feel at home and ‘content’ with my place here. I’ve been a little slow perhaps, in getting here, but then again, I’ve never been one of those annoyingly fast witted kids to get everything first go. I do my homework, I do the extra reading, I ask lots of questions – some of them dumb and sometimes my brain is so overworked that I can’t even tell people my name (true story – how embarrassing).

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