3 quick tricks to ditch a negative mood

I think that I may have fooled people into thinking that I am, CONSISTENTLY, a bubbly, upbeat, HAPPY person…

I know this because, occasionally, when I slip into my more reserved, quiet (negative) state people will say to me:

“Is everything okay? You don’t seem your usual, cheerful, self?”

-A quote from my boss just days ago

He caught me during an ‘off’ moment at work the other day. Probably because I decided that this day was the day I would give up caffeine – or try to – (Genius) and, conveniently, there was a larger than usual amount of work in my in-tray 

I wish I had an actual legit reason for being a moody d*ck that day…

Like: being a desperately frightened refugee, fleeing my home country for America, and being cock blocked by Trump’s jerk refugee ban…


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My only New Year’s Resolution

I’ve been quiet the last month, off holidaying and getting engaged (WHAAAT, I know!!!!). All the “New Year, New Me” hype and long lists of resolution setting I’ve been seeing on social media have given me the motivation to share a word on SURRENDERING and why that’s practically the only advice i’ll give you, moving into the New Year. 




I can’t help but get a little impatient when people ask me to explain the supposed profound meaning of my forearm tattoo to them. Surrender? What do you mean by that? is the usual response. Followed by an assumption that I wish to ‘submit’ or ‘give in to’ a particular person.


I was at my grandmothers house a little while ago and I’d forgotten my usual long sleeve coverup to protect me from her prying eyes on my freshly inked skin. I realised in the 10 short steps from getting out of the car and walking up to her front door that today was probably the day that I’d be ‘sprung’ for graffiti-ing my beautiful skin (her words) with a tattoo – tattoo’s are a bit of a ‘no no’ in my conservative, Greek family.


I stood there, for a moment, half turned towards my car and half towards her house, wondering if I should continue to let this be a bigger deal than it needs to be.

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