Why we do shit that we know is bad for us

My exhaustive list of remedies to break a bad habit.


(Actually, it’s not really that ‘exhaustive’. Turns out, you probably don’t need to fly across the world to a Tony Robbins seminar to quit over-dosing on caffeine and fucking up your dairy intolerant body with ham and cheese toasties). Here’s why.


Yesterday, as I munched down on yet another ham, cheese and mustard toasties (yes, it was everything that I hoped for, thanks for asking) I thought to myself: “Why are you doing this to yourself mate? You know you’re dairy intolerant. It’ll make your skin break out and your stomach do a backflip”

Still, on I perservered.

It got me to thinking… am I the only moron with this blatent disregard for my own wellbeing? And WHY — FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do I keep doing it?

Things I love to do that I know are terrible for me:

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Girls, we immediately need to start mothering ourselves

The other day I found myself desperately wanting to shake my mother and yell at her:


She had just finished telling me how tired she was after finishing her shift in the demanding ‘dementia’ ward of the aged care home she works at. I quizzed her about whether she packed her dinner for her shift (knowing she is dairy and gluten intolerant) and whether she was taking it easy at home today to recover. She answered:

“No, I didn’t get a chance to do my food shop so I had the dinner that the residents were having (no doubt NOT gluten and dairy free) and, no, your dad wants to go to the city today so I thought I better go with him.”

This is the same dear woman who has probably never sat down at a nail salon to get her nails done and only just started buying foundation from The Body Shop that actually matches her skin tone – instead of the usual supermarket shit that is chucked into her trolley as an afterthought.
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Is everyone’s mind this negative?

I’ve been extra vigilant – lately – to call out my mind for any of its ‘jerk-like’ behaviour. You know, not letting it get away with anything, and getting clear on exactly what page it’s on (in the encyclopaedia of Neurotic Mind Shenanigans) SO WE CAN BOTH JUST GET ALONG.

To celebrate Brain Awareness Week, earlier this month, I wanted to shed some light on this, well-meaning (but mostly negative), judging machine that is our mind. At one point or another, you’ve probably asked yourself whether you are a lone ranger in this respect or just like the rest of us. I’m going to answer for the majority here and say; YES, IT’S NORMAL and yes, MOST PEOPLE’S BRAINS ARE JUST AS JUDGEY AND NEGATIVE AS YOURS IS. 


Sorry, you’re not that special.

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Boob Jobs: My expensive (failed) experiment with body acceptance

This morning, I caught myself speaking to my boob in the shower, as if we were quite good mates. (No – not both of them, just the one ).

I’d pulled the mirrored cabinet door out, so it perched there in front of me, reflecting my long, pale body straight back at me, whilst still allowing me the pleasure of the warm, trickling water.

I gave my reflection a quick ‘once over’ and agreed that all was well, for now, in ‘Rebecca land’. Stomach; not as flat as it could be, but pretty good given current diet and exercise regime (what regime? I’ve replaced the gym with my laptop – going to the gym doesn’t pay the bills you see), next was shoulders and arms; fabo babes, I thought, keep up the good work. Vag, needs some manicuring, but all seems well down there too.

Then I came to my boobs, Bobby and Claudette. 

Bobby seemed to be sitting all uptight, too high and slightly above Claudette… I pulled my forearm up and stuck it under them, like a makeshift ruler, to see whether I was just imagining it or whether one really was higher than the other.

Damn it. It was true.

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