I found the secret to some of the world’s happiest countries — it’s called “Hygge”

Hygge — The first Danish word I’ve proudly added to my otherwise, rather limited and Aussie vocabulary

Pronounced “Hoo-ga” — Hygge is a danish concept that is said to make homes nicer and people happier. Of course, when I read about this, on a dreary Monday morning, I immediately started stalking the internet fanatically for: “HYGGE” as well as “HYGGE AT WORK” to find out as much as I could about this beautiful and weird little concept before starting my working week.

It’s no secret that I find Monday morning’s (the day you are the furthest possible away from your weekend) extremely difficult. I thought I needed to know more about this “Hygge” and especially, CAN I INCORPORATE THIS INTO MY WORKING DAY SOMEHOW?

The answer is YES — we’ll get to that in a minute. But for now, some basics –

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