Dealing with dickheads, worrying you’re dying, and all the while NOT losing your sh*t

Yesterday felt like one of those free for all – stack on’s – on me. It was the kind of day that left me seriously considering purchasing a one-way ticket to Spain – to remove myself from the sudden schemozzle I found myself in.


I’m sure, at some point, you’ve felt metaphorically squished by life too.


If you work in the corporate world – then you’ve surely heard the term ‘office politics’ before. The vibe in our office lately has been shit-on-a-stick, to say the least. It’s felt tense like everyone’s on edge, and short-tempered with each other.


We need to blast Black Eyed Peas: “Where is the love” down the hallway and force everyone to hug at the beginning of the day as a sort of ‘truce’


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Are people with less, happier? I culled my wardrobe to just 33 things to find out

Last month I wrote an article about ditching my smartphone – in an attempt to slow down and simply my life –  and following on in a similar fashion, I’ve now turned my attention to my overflowing wardrobe and, in particular, how to cull it down to just 33 basic necessities (sans my fugly dressing gown and collection of daggy period undies – there’s some things we women just shouldn’t have to live without).


Why? Because physical clutter begets mental clutter and I’ve been feeling zapped of energy, and unfocused – like I’d lost my writing mojo, lately.


And before you ask, no, it’s not an experiment in deprivation but, rather, with happiness.

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