How to outsource all your mind-boggling website stuff (for next to nothing)

Fck. This was the most difficult headline to write ever.

(If this isnt what you were after and you want more of the mind taming shiz and self development reads, try this article instead:”Is everyone’s mind this negative?”)

This article is for anyone who:

  • Runs their own business online;
  • Wants to run their own business or start their own website but is too intimidated by all the mind-bogglingly-tricky ‘tech stuff’ that comes along with it.

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I think I screwed up and its cost me $7k (career decision making and all that big, sweat-worthy stuff)

So, last year I invested around $7k (AUD) to study a Life Coaching course. It wasnt just a regular Certificate 4, it was a Diploma with the added subjects of mindfulness and meditation training (because I can’t ever just do something half-arsed).


Three months prior, I’d finished seeing an awesome & hilariously witty LC, myself and I wanted to keep on that onwards and upwards roller coaster (which I was actually deathly afraid of falling off of).

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