I read “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” so you don’t have to. Here’s the cliff’s notes

My roommate Nancy; rebecca achelles

For anyone who is currently in a relationship, or has had one fail miserably, how accurate do you find the assumptions made about the sexes in this best seller: Men are from Mars, Women Are From Venus – Together Forever?


First, lets take a trip back to ‘caveman’ days

Mr Gray (writer man) says that to understand the fundamental differences between how MOST men and women think, and then; how arguments and misunderstandings in relationships arise, first imagine what life was like back in ‘caveman’ days and the typical gender roles that existed.

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Yes, there is actually an ‘ideal’ time to post on social media. Take note

My Roommate Nancy; Rebecca Achelles

Did you know there is an ‘ideal’ time to post your carefully crafted social rants? And, yes, it differs from Instagram vs. Facebook vs. Linkedin. It turns out there are some very cluey social media analysts (I made up that job title. I don’t really know what they call themselves) who have studied the trends and data of all of us, social media whores, FOR YEARS. They can now confidently tell you specific time slots for posting – for maximum exposure and audience concentration, or whatever.


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Fatigue following you around all day, like an unexpected, clingy fart-cloud?

It’s 2 pm, and I’ve just returned to my desk after eating a salami and toasted cheese sandwich (*Ahem. I mean, a salad and a can of tuna) on my 30-minute lunch break.


“I could go a nap now” is my first thought, followed by: “I wonder if anyone would notice if I just crept under my desk for a minute?”.


I have a 9-5 desk job from Monday to Thursday. It’s not my most favourite thing to do with my time, but my boss is pretty easy going,  it pays my bills and keeps me away from living a life of squalor – so I endure.


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