I’m Bec from ‘STRAYA’ (What we Aussie bogans call AUSTRALIA) – where we all ride round on Kangaroos, eat spoonfulls of Vegemite straight from the jar, and say things like: “Larakin, Straya, Bloody and Sheila”. 



I’m a Copywriter, Blogger and Creative Writer. 


Initially, I started writing about Self Development and Mental health while I was putting in the hard yards, studying a Life Coaching certificate earlier this year. That’s where, from my sweet womanly loins, I birthed: My Roommate Nancy – The Blog.


I write about mind-taming mindfulness tricks to help ambitious, self-critical, over-thinkers GET OUT OF THEIR negative Nancy minds & back down to Earth.


AKA Happyville. Population, you.



Eventually, I took a detour into Copywriting and now I’m quickly becoming known for writing killer, QUIRKY content for various online publications and businesses. Check out my FAQ’s here on Copywriting and my portfolio of published articles here.


If you have something you want to say – but you’re not sure how to put it into coherent sentences – I can probably help.


I’ve been blogging and writing for TWO years now and have recently finished a “Copywriting Essentials” course with Australian Writers Centre (AWC), as well as a Blogging Certificate program with Smart Blogger.


My experience:

  • Feature Articles (Blogs / Opinion Pieces)
  • Copywriting content for websites and businesses (including my own – TheQuirkyCopywriter.com 
  • Social Media posting for businesses
  • Hell, I even write Legal Articles from time to time (I’m a criminal legal secretary by day).



If you’re a business owner and you’re flailing around like a turtle, overwhelmed by all the content writing you need to do but haven’t – get in touch with me today and let’s get started…


Delegate that sh*t.

(to me) 


If you’re just here for the life advice and to have a giggle at the word-vomit that is my blog, then carry on. Take a seat, sip on you’re non-fat hazelnut latte and read.






Mindfulness-My Roommate Nancy

I had a rather challenging last few years (mostly self-implicated), followed by an amazing spiritual period where I (**CUE irritated eyeroll) ‘woke up’. I owe a lot of it to Eckhart Tolle (this odd looking little German man), my wierdo obsession with self development and my amazing mindfulness coach, Andrea.


About four years go, someone close to me was carted off to prison, I was stuck in a boring unfulfilling job, my partner announced he was going off travelling with his mates and I felt like I’d well and truly been dealt the sh*t end of the stick – so to speak.



I gave almost everyone the bum flick and became somewhat of a hermit while I learned what the hell I needed to learn to again, feel:


  • ENERGETIC and EXCITED to start my day;
  • Less SWEATY about the small stuff (what she thinks of me, when will I have enough money for that new car, will my BF marry me);
  • Like I had a purpose and a path in life;
  • like I was LESS of a slave to my negative/racey mind;
  • Confident (enough to dine alone in cafe’s, travel solo and walk into a room of strangers appearing cool, calm and collected)



I began relentlessly learning about mindfulness and how my mind works (I named mine Nancy – as in Negative Nancy).


NANCE, for short



As well as meditation and radical self love.


Not long after, I had a Monk randomly come up to me in a park and offer me a copy of the Bhagavad Gita – a significant spiritual text.

Mindfulness - My Roommate Nancy - Bhagavad GitaI cried my eyes out to a shamanic healer, read (and re-read) a life changing book, started meditating, and flew to a 3-day Yoga festival in Brisbane where I did yoga with cool like- minded people (even in the water on a bloody surfboard),


I ate some weird vegan pizzas (aka salads) and sat and listened to talks by a Hindu Swami and a former-depressed-girl-turned-life-coach.


I felt deliriously happy for the next few months.


It’s turned into a never ending self-development binge and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I’ve now earnt a Certificate 4 in Life Coaching from Hartlife Coaching and am trained in teaching meditation, mindfulness techniques.


I hope some of what I share resonates with you and can help you claw your way out of your mind and back into your life.





X Bec