I’m Bec from ‘STRAYA’ (What we Aussie bogans call AUSTRALIA) – where we all ride round on Kangaroos, eat spoonfulls of Vegemite straight from the jar, and say things like: “Larakin, Straya, Bloody and Sheila”. 



I’m a Copywriter and aspiring Life Coach – specializing in teaching mind-taming mindfulness tricks to ambitious, self-critical, over-thinkers – to help them GET OUT OF THEIR negative Nancy minds & back down to Earth


(AKA “HAPPY-VILLE” – population, YOU)


Did I mention I love Nutella, possibly more than life itself?


I’m known for writing killer, QUIRKY content for various online publications and businesses. When I’m not learning mind-taming tricks and being a Life Coach you’ll find me writing:

  • Feature Articles (Blogs / Opinion Pieces)
  • Copywriting content for websites and businesses
  • I’m dabbling in Social Media content for client’s
  • Hell, I even write Legal Articles from time to time (I’m a criminal legal secretary by day)


If you have something you want to say – but you’re not quite sure how to say it – I can probably help.

I’ve been blogging and writing now for TWO years. I’ve completed a 5-week “Copywriting Essentials” course with Australian Writers Centre (AWC) and a Blogging Certificate program with Smart Blogger.


If you’re mind need’s a little TLC and you’d like to know how to drag that child-like excitement back into your life somehow – 


Then, perhaps you should consider becoming a minimalist, practice some mindfulness and move out to the country side where no one can bother you….



Just kidding of course.


It’s much simpler than that. Just come have a chat to me. We’ll work out why you’re in such a SCHEMOZZLE and get you feeling on top of things again – ASAP.


This you?


You find yourself zooming through your day, totally up in your head, lost in meaningless mind chatter? Some of it nice, most of it not so nice…?


This also you?

  • Everything feels a bit pointless. Like you don’t really know what you’re doing with your ONE, BIG PRECIOUS LIFE;
  • You quite like doing X, Y, Z – but instead, you feel like you’re wasting your time doing W;
  • You’re suffering SNAPPY TROUT SYNDROME. Maybe you’re not feeling 100% stoked about where you’re at – so you’re taking your sh*t out on everyone around you (no judgment, BTW. We’ve all been there);
  • There seems to be a vague cloud of anxiety or discontent following you around like each time you reach a goal or earn something cool, two weeks later you’re back to feeling just MEH;




I was feeling the same about 4 years ago. In my defence, I was going through a pretty hard time. Someone close to me was in prison, I was stuck in a boring unfulfilling job, my partner announced he was going off traveling with his mates.




I gave almost everyone the bum flick and became somewhat of a hermit while I learned what the hell I needed to learn to again, feel:


  • ENERGETIC and EXCITED to start my day;
  • Less SWEATY about the small stuff (what she thinks of me, when will I have enough money for that new car, will my BF marry me);
  • Like I had a purpose and a path in life;
  • like I was LESS of a slave to my negative/racey mind;
  • Confident (enough to dine alone in cafe’s, travel solo and walk into a room of strangers appearing cool, calm and collected)



I immersed myself in:




I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. 


I also worked one-on-one with a top mindfulness coach to really grasp this, so It’s all good if you’re just sitting back there thinking – this chick is surely Schizophrenic.



But you’ll get it eventually.




Or follow me and I’ll show you how.


Subscribe to my blogs and you’ll be one of the first to know when I’ve got my sh*t together enough to start coaching –




I’ll hold your hand and teach you the steps I’ve already tiptoed over.


Help you get out of your head and back down to dry land.


The views better from here.







Mindfulness-My Roommate Nancy

I had a rather challenging last few years (mostly self implicated), followed by an amazing spiritual period where I (**CUE irritated eyeroll) ‘woke up’. I owe a lot of it to Eckhart Tolle (this odd looking little German man), my wierdo obsession with self development and my amazing mindfulness coach, Andrea.



I began relentlessly learning about mindfulness and how my mind works (I named mine Nancy – as in Negative Nancy).


NANCE, for short



Not long after, I had a Monk randomly come up to me in a park and offer me a copy of the Bhagavad Gita – a significant spiritual text.

Mindfulness - My Roommate Nancy - Bhagavad GitaI cried my eyes out to a shamanic healer, read (and re-read) a life changing book, started meditating, and flew to a 3-day Yoga festival in Brisbane where I did yoga with cool like- minded people (even in the water on a bloody surfboard),


I ate some wierd vegan pizzas (aka salads) and sat and listened to talks by a Hindu Swami and a former-depressed-girl-turned-life-coach.


I felt deliriously happy for the next few months.


It’s turned into a 4-year long personal development binge. I’ve been studying all things mindfulness and self-development ever since. I’ve earnt a Certificate 4 in Life Coaching from Hartlife Coaching and am trained in teaching meditation, mindfulness techniques.


I’ve discovered some truths I want to share.


I hope some of what I share resonates with you and can help you claw your way out of your mind and back into your life.


X Bec