How to outsource all your mind-boggling website stuff (for next to nothing)

Fck. This was the most difficult headline to write ever.

(If this isnt what you were after and you want more of the mind taming shiz and self development reads, try this article instead:”Is everyone’s mind this negative?”)

This article is for anyone who:

  • Runs their own business online;
  • Wants to run their own business or start their own website but is too intimidated by all the mind-bogglingly-tricky ‘tech stuff’ that comes along with it.

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I think I screwed up and its cost me $7k (career decision making and all that big, sweat-worthy stuff)

So, last year I invested around $7k (AUD) to study a Life Coaching course. It wasnt just a regular Certificate 4, it was a Diploma with the added subjects of mindfulness and meditation training (because I can’t ever just do something half-arsed).


Three months prior, I’d finished seeing an awesome & hilariously witty LC, myself and I wanted to keep on that onwards and upwards roller coaster (which I was actually deathly afraid of falling off of).

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Dealing with dickheads, worrying you’re dying, and all the while NOT losing your sh*t

Yesterday felt like one of those free for all – stack on’s – on me. It was the kind of day that left me seriously considering purchasing a one-way ticket to Spain – to remove myself from the sudden schemozzle I found myself in.


I’m sure, at some point, you’ve felt metaphorically squished by life too.


If you work in the corporate world – then you’ve surely heard the term ‘office politics’ before. The vibe in our office lately has been shit-on-a-stick, to say the least. It’s felt tense like everyone’s on edge, and short-tempered with each other.


We need to blast Black Eyed Peas: “Where is the love” down the hallway and force everyone to hug at the beginning of the day as a sort of ‘truce’


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Are people with less, happier? I culled my wardrobe to just 33 things to find out

Last month I wrote an article about ditching my smartphone – in an attempt to slow down and simply my life –  and following on in a similar fashion, I’ve now turned my attention to my overflowing wardrobe and, in particular, how to cull it down to just 33 basic necessities (sans my fugly dressing gown and collection of daggy period undies – there’s some things we women just shouldn’t have to live without).


Why? Because physical clutter begets mental clutter and I’ve been feeling zapped of energy, and unfocused – like I’d lost my writing mojo, lately.


And before you ask, no, it’s not an experiment in deprivation but, rather, with happiness.

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I found the secret to some of the world’s happiest countries — it’s called “Hygge”

Hygge — The first Danish word I’ve proudly added to my otherwise, rather limited and Aussie vocabulary

Pronounced “Hoo-ga” — Hygge is a danish concept that is said to make homes nicer and people happier. Of course, when I read about this, on a dreary Monday morning, I immediately started stalking the internet fanatically for: “HYGGE” as well as “HYGGE AT WORK” to find out as much as I could about this beautiful and weird little concept before starting my working week.

It’s no secret that I find Monday morning’s (the day you are the furthest possible away from your weekend) extremely difficult. I thought I needed to know more about this “Hygge” and especially, CAN I INCORPORATE THIS INTO MY WORKING DAY SOMEHOW?

The answer is YES — we’ll get to that in a minute. But for now, some basics –

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Why we do shit that we know is bad for us

My exhaustive list of remedies to break a bad habit.


(Actually, it’s not really that ‘exhaustive’. Turns out, you probably don’t need to fly across the world to a Tony Robbins seminar to quit over-dosing on caffeine and fucking up your dairy intolerant body with ham and cheese toasties). Here’s why.


Yesterday, as I munched down on yet another ham, cheese and mustard toasties (yes, it was everything that I hoped for, thanks for asking) I thought to myself: “Why are you doing this to yourself mate? You know you’re dairy intolerant. It’ll make your skin break out and your stomach do a backflip”

Still, on I perservered.

It got me to thinking… am I the only moron with this blatent disregard for my own wellbeing? And WHY — FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do I keep doing it?

Things I love to do that I know are terrible for me:

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Girls, we immediately need to start mothering ourselves

The other day I found myself desperately wanting to shake my mother and yell at her:


She had just finished telling me how tired she was after finishing her shift in the demanding ‘dementia’ ward of the aged care home she works at. I quizzed her about whether she packed her dinner for her shift (knowing she is dairy and gluten intolerant) and whether she was taking it easy at home today to recover. She answered:

“No, I didn’t get a chance to do my food shop so I had the dinner that the residents were having (no doubt NOT gluten and dairy free) and, no, your dad wants to go to the city today so I thought I better go with him.”

This is the same dear woman who has probably never sat down at a nail salon to get her nails done and only just started buying foundation from The Body Shop that actually matches her skin tone – instead of the usual supermarket shit that is chucked into her trolley as an afterthought.
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Is everyone’s mind this negative?

I’ve been extra vigilant – lately – to call out my mind for any of its ‘jerk-like’ behaviour. You know, not letting it get away with anything, and getting clear on exactly what page it’s on (in the encyclopaedia of Neurotic Mind Shenanigans) SO WE CAN BOTH JUST GET ALONG.

To celebrate Brain Awareness Week, earlier this month, I wanted to shed some light on this, well-meaning (but mostly negative), judging machine that is our mind. At one point or another, you’ve probably asked yourself whether you are a lone ranger in this respect or just like the rest of us. I’m going to answer for the majority here and say; YES, IT’S NORMAL and yes, MOST PEOPLE’S BRAINS ARE JUST AS JUDGEY AND NEGATIVE AS YOURS IS. 


Sorry, you’re not that special.

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