Yes, there is actually an ‘ideal’ time to post on social media. Take note

My Roommate Nancy; Rebecca Achelles

Did you know there is an ‘ideal’ time to post your carefully crafted social rants? And, yes, it differs from Instagram vs. Facebook vs. Linkedin. It turns out there are some very cluey social media analysts (I made up that job title. I don’t really know what they call themselves) who have studied the trends and data of all of us, social media whores, FOR YEARS. They can now confidently tell you specific time slots for posting – for maximum exposure and audience concentration, or whatever.


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How to outsource all your mind-boggling website stuff (for next to nothing)

Fck. This was the most difficult headline to write ever.

(If this isnt what you were after and you want more of the mind taming shiz and self development reads, try this article instead:”Is everyone’s mind this negative?”)

This article is for anyone who:

  • Runs their own business online;
  • Wants to run their own business or start their own website but is too intimidated by all the mind-bogglingly-tricky ‘tech stuff’ that comes along with it.

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Celebrating Freedom (& finishing the 10 Day Blogging Challenge)

You’re reading day 10 of my 10 day blog responses on ‘Business building’ and ‘productivity’. The following article was written in response to Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day blog challenge

That’s a wrap!


No more DAILY emailing and Instagram harassment to let you know I’ve published ANOTHER blog post.


Well, not entirely true (sorry – I can’t stop writing, for fear I’ll permanently loose my smile). You’ll just be hearing from me weekly now instead of daily. All this -staying up till 11pm and editing blog posts in my lunch break and vision board making frenzies on my bedroom floor has been crazy fun but hectic!

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7 Nifty tips and tricks for getting your work done despite having a million and one distractions

You’re reading day 9 of my 10 day blog responses on ‘Business building’ and ‘productivity’. The following article was written in response to Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day blog challenge


Greece, you sexy seductress, you.

I send you my love from my 9-5 desk job. I promise you we’ll be together soon!


Corporate Cubicle Career Girl




Continuing on with the Freedom Lifestyle, that is my AIM in life (if you haven’t been following along, I forgive you and as a crash course, it involves: being able to work from anywhere in the world (if you please) and being self-sufficient. An entrepreneur. A digital nomad etc).


Its day 9 of the challenge (I know, I’ve actually stuck to it) and that means explaining exactly HOW you intend to actually ‘work’ when just outside your doorstep, the lure of adventure awaits.

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I’m taking a ‘Ferris Beuller’ day off (and you should too)


Its day 8 here in the 10 Day Blogging Challenge which involves nothing more than giving yourself the day off


And of course, writing about it.


So let me tell you about Diesel – the ridiculously photogenic pet goat / my mindfulness muse.


Because he’s what I did with my morning off.


Diesel and his home boys


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Imperfect action is better than no action (when dealing with biz overwhelm)

You’re reading day 7 of my 10 day blog responses on ‘Business building’ and ‘productivity’. The following article was written in response to Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day blog challenge


There are days when all I want to do is eat cheesecake and swing in my parent’s hammock all day; bare-faced and hair unkempt.



On these days I find cheesecake, wine and youtube to be quite the magic combination. Take this 10 day blogging challenge for example; yesterday’s topic got me good. I had to write about what kind of ‘tribe‘ (of people) I wanted to attract and who I admire and aspire to in the industry.



I know all that in my head.



But I just couldn’t figure out how to write it in a way that would make people giggle (priority) and ACTUALLY FINISH READING IT TILL THE END (also priority).



TIME magazine said that people generally loose concentration after something ridiculous like 9 seconds of reading.

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5 kickass Women in Biz you should follow

You’re reading day 6 of my 10 day blog responses on ‘Business building’ and ‘productivity’. The following article was written in response to Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day blog challenge


Sorry boys – your missed out this time (although, Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra – if I were doing my list on kickass MEN, your names would surely be on it).



Today is all about finding your tribe of likeminded people – acknowledging who they are, whether that be a particular group of people or a kickass individual that you ADMIRE and look up to.


Because, lets face it, I’m not THAT original. 


There are other digital nomads and entrepreneurs out there who have already blazoned the “DREAM LIFE – THIS WAY” trail, and thank god for that, because I need to know that it is possible – and all this writing blogs at 5am, editing ebooks in my lunch break and studying on the weekend – is going to get me somewhere in the end.


Hopefully Happyville. Population – me.


I don’t think doing everything yourself is realistic or healthy for your sanity (or of those around you).



This is where your tribe of likeminded people come in. I’m now a part of a few social media groups with people who are writers / bloggers / coaches / entrepreneurs and its comforting to see that there IS actually other people out there – loving the same shit as me and sharing the same INTERESTS.



This is also where MENTOR’s come in. If you are lucky enough to nab yourself one. Why not reach out to someone you admire & ask them for help? Or even just say: “Hey – You’re great. I just wanted to tell you”.


It’s not always about what YOU can get from someone, you know.


Don’t be a selfish Susan.


A mentor is someone you admire and who has achieved what you want to achieve who occasionally gives you a pat on the back and says: “You’re doing good”.

Nat Sisson's 10 Day Blog Challenge

Nat Sisson’s 10 Day Blog Challenge


For me – It’s amazing having so many supporting friends and family around me who check in and have a squiz – follow my writing…


However, it’d be the highlight of my year (lets be serious, life) if even just ONE of my 5 favourite women reached out and said:


“ I see you! I see what you’re doing. Keep that shit up!”



Maybe occasionally give me a pat on the back and whisper sweet nothings in my ear (errr, kind words & tips).


I’m acknowledging the influential women I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with  – Thank you for the for the snippets you’ve shared with me (whether you realised it or not).


You should definately give them a sneaky stalk & follow them – they’ll likely change your life too.




Gala Darling (fearless, creative goddess with stellar style & a kickass awesome brand which I’m sure she is super proud to have created).


  • She’ll convince you that you’re beautiful (self-love and the likes)
  • She believes in the colour pink (I believe in the colour orange – I get you Gala)
  • Reminded me of the power of DRESSING UP and the power of expressing yourself through your image (in a non up-yourself kind of way)
  • She offers this class called the Self-Love Bible School – which has got me all excited like a little girl. It’ll fire up your creative side (get your creative juices flowing with inspo & arty journaling and scrapbooking – I’ve just enrolled & I’ll keep you updated)



Natalie Sisson AKA The Suitcase Entrepreneur (Super driven, intelligent and lives the enviable “I can work from anywhere in the world” lifestyle – which she’s totally built herself with said drive and intelligence. Legend).

  • Help you find your sweet spot (that perfect combination of something that you LOVE doing, you’re good at and that other people need – so you can create yourself a freedom lifestyle!
  • Encourage you on the path to being a digital nomad (having a self suffiecient business you can run from a laptop, in CHINA (if you wanted to)



Andrea Featherstone AKA Project Self (Giggly, hilarious, fellow-boxer-dog-lover and rocking entrepreneur with SUPERB writing & mind-taming skills. Also complete LEGEND).

  • Definitely make you laugh, often
  • Help you kick your goals & become more decisive (like what to have for breakfast & which toothpaste you should buy)
  • Tame your anxious / neurotic mind (and name it & call it out)
  • Tempt you to tell the corporate world to FCK off – which she did – when she ditched her architecture career and degree and become a rocking mindfulness coach



Anne Hartley AKA Hartlife Coaching (passionate coach, teacher & WRITER with her very own coaching school & 3 successful books).


Arianna Huffington AKA Arianna fucking Huffington – need I say more (okay, Huffington Post) Back in June she pretty much killed me with ELATION when she emailed me to say she liked my writing & “here, please write for me”. She’s a Kickass bestselling author and one of the most influential women in her industry. She’s also Greek, like me, so extra brownie points for her.



What I would ask these rock star women – If I had the chance:

  • What does YOUR morning routine look like?


  • Surely, every now and then you have a: “it’s all too hard” meltdown day? When you do, HOW DO YOU DEAL?



X Bec

This blog post is in response to DAY 6 of Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Blog Challenge:

Using the POMODORO technique to get SH*T done

You’re reading day 5 of my 10 day blog responses on ‘Business building’ and ‘productivity’. The following article was written in response to Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day blog challenge


Today were talking about getting shit done


It’s DAY 5 here in the Freedom Plan – 10 Day Blog Challenge (Hurray for me for surviving thus far)


Time is an illusion my friends. Or the idea that you are lacking it.


I find that the busier I am, seemingly, the more I actually get done – IF I:


  • Follow my morning ritual
  • Get it done first thing in the morning


No dilly dallying around and ‘WINGING’ IT


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A business model starts with knowing YOUR superpowers

You’re reading day 4 of my 10 day blog responses on ‘Business building’ and ‘productivity’. The following article was written in response to Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day blog challenge


What if your weird little candle-making hobby is actually your superpower?


AND YOUR SELFISHLY SQUANDERING IT. Keeping it to yourself, and not sharing it with the rest of us?



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