Check out these FAQ’s about Copywriting: 

In short, we come up with interesting and clever ways to write things that would appeal to consumers. We write with intent and in such a way that we will persuade the reader to take action – whether that be to buy your product, send you a request for a quote, subscribe to your site, etc.

We’re word-craftsman’s and we’re passionate about writing. I like to think of us as sort of like a jeweller – we take your rough ideas, ask you the right questions and polish your mind-made-up-jibberish into a succinct and meaningful ‘diamond’.

A Copywriter can fill the empty nothingness staring back at you on your brand new website with content on your About Me page & Home page for eample, come up with witty and attractive product descriptions, and craft articles for your blog! A copywriter will research the heck out of any topic you give them so it doesnt matter if you’re in the Life Coaching field, teaching field or legal field, a Copywriter’s job is to go away and research what it is you need written for them.

Ah, yes, the nitty gritty of cost. First, I need to know a couple of things from YOU in order to give you accurate pricing.

What I need from you:

  1. What is your business or service that you’d like to promote?
  2. What do you actually need written? E.g. a brochure, an Instagram post (or series of posts), website content, an entertaining blog or article
  3. What results are you hoping to get from this? You may want 1 new client a week, 5 online enquries a month, increase sales by 20%, 50 more email subscribers to your site, etc, etc
  4. How soon do you need this done by?

You can simply copy and paste the above questions into a quick email and send it to me with “request for quote” in the subject line.

I endeavour to reply to quotes within 24 hours.

That’s okay! Whilst we need you to know the basics of what your business does or offers (we’re going to ask you about your target market, WHAT YOU SELL or OFFER, the tone of voice you want us to write in, any call to actions) we can brainstorm with you and people usually find that once they start talking to a Copywriter and being asked certain questions, this gives them greater clarity.

A good starting point is having some dot points prepared for what you’re after. I have something called a ‘creative brief’ which is designed to help me get crystal clear on what a client needs from a piece of copy and to ensure the piece is relevant and useful. We would normally complete the brief together (allow 30 mins) either face-to-face in a meeting or over the phone.