How to outsource all your mind-boggling website stuff (for next to nothing)

Fck. This was the most difficult headline to write ever.

(If this isnt what you were after and you want more of the mind taming shiz and self development reads, try this article instead:”Is everyone’s mind this negative?”)

This article is for anyone who:

  • Runs their own business online;
  • Wants to run their own business or start their own website but is too intimidated by all the mind-bogglingly-tricky ‘tech stuff’ that comes along with it.

I can help you with a few things I’ve picked up along the way during my time ‘winging it’ by running my own website online. See, for most people, paying a website guru, graphic designer or ‘tech specialist’ to do and fix every little thing related to your website is not going to be within your budget

If you’re like me: “What budget, this thing is a fucking hobby and as such I have no funding available to spend on it right now.”


This means that you need to figure out how to solve your problems yourself. Lucky for you, there are websites which allow you to outsource the tasks to freelancers all over the world, some charging you as little as $5 as you’ll see in my first option.

Things I’ve outsourced:

  • my nifty ‘email subscription before download’ option on my home page. I.e. the little box that pops up that asks for your email address before it lets you have access to my downloadable ebook (and then notifies me when you do);
  • Ebook creation;
  • Mundane website related tasks like backing up, monitoring spam emails etc.

As the name suggests, this website opens you up to a community of savvy tech people who are willing to complete a task for you for just 5 bucks! It is marketed as: “Freelance services marketplace for the lean entrepreneur”. The categories to choose from include: writing and proofreading, graphics and design, programming and tech, digital marketing, business and more.


Similar to Fiverr, but with a choice of over 10 million contractors to outsource your tasks to. Your task or ‘project’ can be charged by either lump sum or by an hourly rate and if the latter, the freelancer must actually record where their time is spent so you can track it. Therefore there’s little chance to cheat and charge you more. You can also set a limit for how much you want to spend (say, cap the job at $100).

Some contractors are obviously better than others, I did find this out not long after joining when I paid one contractor to design a front cover for one of my ebooks and it came out looking like a year 9 ‘Word’ project but, I’ve since picked out a handful of good freelancers and can tell you the trick is checking out their: portfolio and how much experience they’ve had as well as their customer reviews.


A community of designers who ‘bid’ to do your ‘project’ for you. The project you upload could be website design, logo design or branding and each freelancer that is interested in working with you will ‘pitch’ you their concepts.


While this one isn’t exactly ‘outsourcing’ I wanted to include Canva for anyone who hasnt already heard of it. This is a graphic design program that even a six year old could use. Think anything that you would outsource to a Graphic Designer, you could probably do yourself using Canva. It lets you design (with easy pre made templates) social media posts, invitations and banners, I even used it to create an ebook. Check it out, most of its templates are free (well, maybe 50% say) and the rest only cost a few dollars per ad on.

If you use any that I haven’t mentioned here I’d love to hear about them. I’m all for outsourcing the tricky and the mundane to free up time to actually write and create.

Next week’s (biz-related) post will be on writing your “About me” page and why it’s not actually about you, what you should include – and what not to. 

x Bec

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