I think I screwed up and its cost me $7k (career decision making and all that big, sweat-worthy stuff)

So, last year I invested around $7k (AUD) to study a Life Coaching course. It wasnt just a regular Certificate 4, it was a Diploma with the added subjects of mindfulness and meditation training (because I can’t ever just do something half-arsed).


Three months prior, I’d finished seeing an awesome & hilariously witty LC, myself and I wanted to keep on that onwards and upwards roller coaster (which I was actually deathly afraid of falling off of).


She (Life Coach chick) made it look pretty delightful being a Life Coach;

  • working from home – no micro managing from bosses and office politics;
  • low overheads for business setup;
  • lots of opportunity to attend nerdy self development seminars – as a tax right off becuase: “I’m just learning all the things related to my life Coaching career”.


I also thought that career decision making was bullshit hard, and I wanted to just pretend like I was the same exact person as her, assuming I too, could excel in the same career.


Ultimately, I signed my life away and set off studying, GUNS BLAZING.


At the same time as studying I was writing and blogging – like a fiend – trying to get my work published anywhere I could. If I am to be honest, I actually preferred the writing (as an introvert who pretends to be extroverted) but, I thought that with a LC certificate under my belt, my writing would be taken more seriously.


I thought I was so clever. That I’d finally mastered the “What to do with self (and life)” dilemma, which had, up till that point, been spanning decades.



I thought:


“Rebeccy, you clever little potato head, you! NO MORE office politics and mindlessly drumming out emails to strangers in your office job!


You’ll start your own business and be a fabulous Life Coach / Writer.


PS – Bravo, bitch.”


Alas, turns out I was only half right. While I love & appreciate self development and coaching, I dont know that I really ENJOY putting that to use on others and coaching THEM – as a full time gig. Sometimes I get over it all and I want to have days where I sit in my pjs and eat cereal for dinner and silently judge all the wannabe models on instagram – without feeling bad about it, y’know?


Coaching calls kind of give me anxiety. I feel all responsible for that person’s welfare and that they have to have a really ‘good’ session with me every time. Sometimes I fck it up by talking too much and trying to solve all of their problems for them (a big no, no in coaching).


Really, a lot of the time I’d just like to be left alone to my writing. I could happily sit for hours without eating or drinking, to work on an article. I even started branching out into Copywriting because, lets be serious, not everyone wants to – or needs to – always read my unintelligable stories. Copywriting is relevant and effective and mind blowingly interesting. There’s a point to it, you write for businesses (& or people) to persuade their audience to buy their service or product.


Its all psychological and salesy – and delightful.



So, I may have been a little ‘off’ with my assumption about a career in Life Coaching. And yeah, $7k probably could have been better spent on paying my car loan off or my european honeymoon.. but, it is what it is. At least it led me to my ‘ah-ha’ moment (albeit in an annoyingly drawn out and round-about-way).

I’m trying not to kick myself in the vadge too much about it.


For anyone else suffering career indecision or anxiety over your next job ‘move’ thinking:

CRIKEY, which is the right choice for me? I can’t fuck this up, too much rides on this decision”

I say:

Screw that, babe’o! Just stick your toes in and make a start. Jumping in SOMEWHERE is better than taking no action, remaining stuck in panicky indecision. Hell – you’ll figure out the finer details on the way and you’ll DETOUR beautifully if it’s not what you thought it would be.


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