If you want to ‘sell’ anything, you need to know these top 25 reasons people buy

This is the first article of my new ‘copywriting’ series which I’ll be posting over the next few weeks to let EVERYONE know that I am, in fact, now taking care of copywriting services for businesses and individuals.

I can’t think of a better way to explain copywriting to you than with this ordinary bag of coffee beans I bought this morning:


To a Copywriter, these arent just any ordinary coffee beans, plucked from f*ck know’s where, mass produced in a dingy coffee-producing warehouse and hastily fumbled through the hands of workers as they conveniently package them into a 1kg bag for you.


God, no.


From a Copywriter’s point of view, these are premium and superior coffee beans, grown in nutritional, ‘volcanic’ soil, in the exotic mountains of Honduras. These beans, unlike many of it’s competitors, have a delightful, creamy flavour, with subtle hints of nuts and honey.


And these aren’t lies; someone has carefully researched this product and chosen the specific things that sets this coffee apart from its competitiors. Then, they’ve thought about it from the consumer’s point of view and how that will benefit them.


These ‘Amber Organic’ big-wig, execs obviously understand the imprortance of investing in a skilled Copywriter to craft a blurb like this, targeted at it’s energy-poor, coffee-drinking target market.


A copywriter also understands that there are 25 key reasons that any ordinary Joe Blow or Jane Smith buys a product or service, as follows:

  1. Make money (surprise, surprise)
  2. Prevent losing money
  3. Save time
  4. Avoid effort
  5. Attract the opposite sex
  6. Escape physical pain
  7. Prevent stress
  8. Gain praise or recognition
  9. Protect the family
  10. To have peace of mind
  11. Be more comfortable
  12. Be clean
  13. Improve health
  14. Prevent embaressment
  15. Have fun
  16. Look good
  17. Be popular
  18. Be in style
  19. Satisfy apetite
  20. Prevent legal trouble
  21. Avoid Criticism
  22. Protect reputation
  23. Make work easier
  24. Be an individual
  25. To conserve posessions.

The copywriter knows that ‘coffee’, as a product, ‘ticks’ off at least five or six of the above reasons off a person’s ‘reasons for buying’ list. For most people, having your daily coffee(s) means you can; ‘escape physical pain‘ if, like me, you’re so deep in your addiction that not having your morning coffee results in withdrawal headaches. It also makes you feel more comfortable, gives you peace of mind (I’m alert and my brain is functioning after a coffee), it satisfy’s your apetite, makes work easier and can even be an expression of you, as an individual if, say; you take pride in your coffee-choosing ability and knowing that yours is ethically sourced from the foothills of Guatemala, in turn helping keep a bunch of struggling Guatemalans in a job.


This is just part of the puzzle that is, effectively selling a product to your target market.


Obviously, knowing who your target market is – is another – as well as knowing the big ol ‘pain points’ (struggles) that your tarket market is facing, and how this product solves a problem for them.


We also know that there are certain ‘power’ words which can punch them right in ‘the feels’ just by having read it. The above coffee bag makes you want a fricken coffee, does it not? (If you’re an avid coffee drinker, that is).


Copywriters are a clever and creative breed of human beings and should always be consulted for your advertising projects. They can help with writing email templates for your business, whipping together a brochure or flier, crafting your social media posts, or, filling those empty and stagnant pages on your website.


(New website “The Quirky Copywriter” coming soon).

x Bec

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