A business model starts with knowing YOUR superpowers

You’re reading day 4 of my 10 day blog responses on ‘Business building’ and ‘productivity’. The following article was written in response to Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day blog challenge


What if your weird little candle-making hobby is actually your superpower?


AND YOUR SELFISHLY SQUANDERING IT. Keeping it to yourself, and not sharing it with the rest of us?




Your SUPER POWER, is closely related to your sweet spot, aka the magic combination of something that you’re good at doing AND something that people could actually pay you to do


Figuring out your superpower is key – IF, like me, you want to figure out how to live a freedom lifestyle.


Which is:

  • Being able to be independent, relying on noone but yourself for an income,
  • being LOCATION independent and/or;
  • not having to answer to a boss-type-figure.


No matter how funny his jokes may be or how many chocolate bars he leaves on your desk


Have you ever thought that maybe the little odd things you do, maybe as ‘hobbies’ are your super powers and could be turned into a profitable business?


I have a friend who lives in another state who shyly mentioned to me when we first met that she LOVED experimenting with making all natural, organic soaps. And I’ve come to learn that she’s actually quite good at it.


I could tell she thought it was weird and lame that she was into that.


I didn’t.


I thought: “Wow, that’s your ‘super power’ and you don’t even know it.”


If you love making organic/vegan/dairy/vego free soap and it brings a smile to your face just talking about it


-Albeit, a shy smile


Then, I love that you love that. Embrace your weirdness, mate!


Nat Sisson's 10 Day Blog Challenge

Nat Sisson’s 10 Day Blog Challenge

There’s another dude – who I’ve come to learn about during my research – who’s an ex Lawyer (tres high powered and successful, etc) who LOVES to make things with LEGO – like a little boy does, yes. Only he’s approximately 35 years old.


LEGO building is his Superpower. He has somehow figured out how to turn the art of assembling tiny little plastic blocks into monumental works of art, and creating a job/life around it. Check his video here if you don’t believe me.



I’m realising that as long as you do what you LOVE and that lights you up in side – success will flow from there.


Because you’re sharing your natural gifts with the world, and being true to your authentic self.


I started journaling a couple years ago, while I was going through a rough patch personally. I was learning mindfulness with a coach, setting some goals and learning positive psychology and meditating. I wrote (or journaled) almost every day


Turns out – the writing that I did turned into little ‘stories’ and I tweaked them to be relatable and entertaining for other people to read.


Who wouldn’t want to read about another persons admission of: “At the moment I’m a bit of a fuck up and this is what I’m doing about it.” I shared my epiphanies, tantrums and innermost (sometimes neurotic) thoughts.


I ended up starting my blog – myroommatenancy – and I’m starting to think that this could definitely be my super power.



That and learning – apparently I’m quite the NERD (and I dont even care to hide it anymore)


I dont want to be, or value being, dumb.



I get bored if I’m not learning something new or being able to self-express (art / write / blog)


Everyone has a sweet spot or ‘super power’ of their own – some are more ‘USEFUL’ than other’s and you really need to wade through all the ‘cool, but useless’ hobbies – to find out which ones are most TRUE and USEFUL


For example the following would stay in your: ‘Cool, but useless’ column.

  • Your ability to touch your nose with your tongue;
  • How you, without fail, apologise to doors or furniture when you accidentally bump into them;
  • Your ability to listen to songs (on repeat) for at least a week straight without it making you want to throw you’re iphone out the window


Things like:

  • Your ability to stick things together in such a way that it looks appealing and maybe even resembles art, is one possible superpower (scrapbooking / collaging / arts &crafts)
  • Being addicted to reading is another which I initially thought was a really anti-social, introverted thing to do. Maybe you’re reading information and then relaying back to people in a way that’s entertaining and/or relatable? That’s cool
  • Being really damn patient and genuinely interested in listening to people and helping them find solutions.


I’ve come to realise that rather than taking my ‘superpowers’ for granted and not really using them for anything, I choose to see them as my special gifts – that, actually, could help me create a freedom lifestyle for myself.


So, what if your weird little hobby or talent is actually your superpower?


As Meryl Streep once said: “Your weirdness is your strength”




Line up a page with 3 columns, like so


What I think I’m good at What my friends say I’m good at What I LIKE to spend my time doing:


Remember to keep things that aren’t really USEFUL like: watching Sex and the City, having a bath, forcefully clearing your face of pimples – OFF your list. Because they would just come under your: NICE but USELESS list.


I’d love to hear your thoughts.


X Bec

This blog is in response to Natalie Sisson’s DAY 4 of the 10 Day Blog Challenge: Day4 – 10 Day Blog Challenge

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